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For the past few years, we have had jello-wrestling parties, and this was the first time that a different brand was bought and it absolutely blew the previous no chill jello that we have used out of the water! We didn’t turn pink from the coloring for one thing (We bought the raspberry flavor), clean up was extremely easy, and the added convenience of adding just tap water was wonderful unlike the other brands where you had to heat gallons and GALLONS of water which took forever AND making the house really hot on those summer days which made it uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. We just brought a hose down to the inflatable pool and used a 5-gallon bucket as a measuring cup! It couldn’t have been any easier to make. Just dump in the package of jello mix into the pool, poured in 5 five-gallon buckets of regular tap water, mix, and you have instant jello in literally minutes! (You don’t actually have to be too picky about the measurements just for your info; so don’t worry your self silly if you aren’t exact.) The density of the jello actually helped ease some of the falls while wrestling which is a nice added bonus! This jello is highly recommended to all and we’re going to be using this product for many years to come!! Let the good times roll, and happy wrestling!

Our thanks for your great product, FUN JELL, it made our Pay for View event a success.

FUN JELL is the best for jello wrestling.  We did our event on the beach in Santa Monica.

FUN JELL worked great for our event.  We will order again.

We had a great profitable fundraiser using FUN JELL.  I will order on a continual basis

FUN JELL is a great product and the prompt service was appreciated.