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Planning a theme party can be both fun and a bit stressful. One of the toughest things to plan are activities which your guests will want to participate in. So whether you're having a poolside luau or your annual Superbowl party, jello wrestling will definately add a some excitement and laughs. Jello wrestling is fun for all ages and will make your next themed party a memorable one.

Until now this would have been a huge task to make enough jello to fill a pool but with our revolutionary Jello Wrestling Jello , you won't have to boil any water and can easily set it up within seconds (even in temperatures as high as 120 degrees). Simply buy an inflatable pool, a hose (although buckets work well also) and something to stir it all up with. You'll have your jello almost instantly.

Why Use Our Jello Wrestling Jello ?
It will not stain unlike regular store bought gelatin, it is non toxic and bio degradable. You can also mix one bag of green with one bag of red and use it for a Mud Wrestling event. The brown jello looks like mud but is so much cleaner and easier to clean up. Go to our Mud Wrestling Page and learn more

Each 5 lbs. bag makes 25 gallons of Jello! Although Jello Wrestling Jello is non-toxic, we do not recommend eating is as it is not edible.

Red Raspberry
5 lb. Bag
Lime Green
5 lb. Bag
Each 5 lbs. bag makes 25 gallons of Jello!